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November 21st, 2008

02:58 am
Suicide Girl

I wanna wanna wanna.
There has been a million and one drammamamamamamama going on.
Should I even begin?

Basically I've been a fool, one too oblivious.
Am i suppose to not be able to stand myself or these people?
The world seems to be eating me but somedays I feel like I rule,
Have you ever felt that way?

Its not my fault im born into this specific world. I didn't have a choice. God didn't let me choose where I would prefer to be in. Right god you didn't, why didn't you/.? hahaha i'm just crapping around. But no seriously, its a matter of fact anyway.

I don't feel as lost as I was 6 months ago. Why of course its a good thing. I just want to get started.
I find blogs kinda funny these days cause i feel like im talking to myself yet the world can see it. Actually, I don't quite know what i'm talking about.

Why do we try so hard sometimes? Not to please people but try so hard just to be ourselves? Why do we even have to try if its just us? Or is it that we try to make people accept us?For who we are.What's the point really. Yes although we always here this:" you're living in this world for yourself, why do you have to care if people can't accept you, if they can't fuck them."

But seriously, if we fuck the world, would we be able to survive on our own? solely on our own. at some point of time, you still need the world. Imagine living in isolation. Its the same as fuck the world i think im superwoman i can make it i don't need the world. Who are you kidding. If you really could do that, you'd probably end up with a depression or in a mental institute or probably die of suicide or OD. You need the world anyway if you're gonna live IN it.

But sometimes all you feel is out of place.
How come i feel like an alien today.

I've since changed my image several times.
Now, my friends say I look like snow white.
With jet black hair and red lips.
I'm quite in love with this look.hahahaha
Hey for once at least, I actually like the way I look.
Let me compliment myself a little.

Okay my muscles are screaming for me to go to bed.
Goodnight world

(drop what you've got)

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